Learn the Backend With This User Interface Tour

Written by Golden Gate Dentists
Last updated May 4, 2023
User Interface Tour - Golden Gate Dentists

After registering your account on the Golden Gate Dentists directory, you will gain access to the backend of the software, aka the user interface. We have prepared this tour through the user interface so you can get started immediately.

Once logged in, click on user and dashboard to get to the backend. The dashboard is broken into the following sections: 

  1. Profile: here, you can update your first and last name, email, city, and country. You can also change your profile picture. For better branding, using your company logo as your picture is recommended.  
  2. Listings: here, you can manage listings for multiple dentists in your practice.
  3. Favorites: this section applies more to searchers using the Golden Gate Dentists Directory. 
  4. Coupons: here, you may want to offer searchers coupons for service
  5. Reviews: here, you can track reviews users have left for your dental profile. 
  6. Create Listing: here, you can easily create a new dental listing on Golden Gate Dentists.
  7. Change Password: here, you can update your Golden Gate Dentists login password.

Simple to use and really straightforward.

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